Monday, October 3

Parcel cake

I came up with this idea not long ago, and have been waiting for the right cake to try it on! I was so excited when i was given this order and told to 'do whatever I wanted' :) I was a a little apprehensive about the miniature cupcakes working inside of the parcel box.. but in the end it all turned out to plan! 10" square vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, plus 24 miniature vanilla cupcakes.

The cake was liked that much, the order i had the week after changed their original design to another parcel box! This one an 8" square with jam and buttercream. 


Here are some yummy vanilla cupcakes I made last week :) The batch of 12 for a diamond wedding anniversary and the batch of 24 for a 21st birthday! 

Sunday, September 18

This weeks creations...

A 10" round vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream. Made specially for a 13th birthday party :)

I also had a go at making some cake pops to match the cake! Apparently these went down very well at the party :) 

Saturday, September 10

Maisie :)

Heres my first totally pink and pretty christening cake. 2 tiers 6inch/10inch vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling. 

Thursday, September 8

Maggie Austin

The most inspiring cake designer I have every come across. Her couture style is incredibly subtle, and every inch of her work oozes elegance. Works of art. Here are a few of my favourites.

Not only is Maggie Austin a complete genius when it comes to cakes.. She also creates the most amazing  cookies! She steps outside the box when it comes to sugar craft, really individual. I love the way she presents her cookies when photographing them, simple yet creative and very effective. 

Tuesday, September 6


I was really excited when i got this order! Created for a 50th Hawaiian birthday party :) I used soft brown sugar to give the impression of the character sat on an island. A 2 tiered vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, and 24 cupcakes half vanilla half chocolate to match. 

My favourites are the pineapples for some strange reason :)

Set to go! 

 This is what it's all about! People enjoying your cake creations.. Makes it all worth while :)

Last weeks cupcakes..

Here are some cupcakes specially baked for a silver wedding :) Vanilla cupcakes baked in a silver case, with silver edible balls and silver shimmer hearts.  I just love decorative cupcakes.. 

Here I tried to create a two tone effect with my frosting. Using blue colouring i lined my piping bag, then carefully filled it with the white frosting. Luckily it worked quite well! I love any opportunity to experiment a little more :) 

Tuesday, August 30


Just happened to come across some old pictures from when i first started caking!! Although i've got to admit, these are some of my favourites :) 

My VERY first cake! 

Sunday, August 28

Waybuloo :)

This has to be one of my most successful christening cakes so far. Quite a challenge, but it was worth it in the end! Would you believe.. the clouds were the most difficult part of the entire cake! Two tier 10" round/8" round vanilla sponge cake with jam and buttercream. 


This weeks cupcakes, mexican style! Had lots of fun making these.. The finishing touch to any Mexican party! 

Friday, August 26

Peggy Porschen

I must visit this place one day soon..

Beautiful, delicate and bespoke.

Really inspiring stuff.

Maybe one day somebody very kind will send me on one of their masterclasses :) hint hint..

Wednesday, August 24

Grand Piano

This is the first cake that i got to experiment with my carving skills. I was a little apprehensive about getting the right shape and proportion, but i think i did it pretty well :) I used a super think board and iced the top to give the impression of a traditional grand piano. This was originally a 10" square vanilla sponge, that i carved away to create the piano shape.